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Health Care Providers

Healthcare Providers

The DSGSEMI provides information to pediatricians, obstetricians, nurses, social workers, genetic counselors, midwives and any healthcare provider seeking information on Down syndrome.  Many area hospital departments provide our information to their patients who deliver a baby with Down syndrome.  In addition presentations and newsletters offer additional up-to-date information.

The DSGSEMI provides:

New Parent's Guide

The "Expecting an Extraordinary Life. A New Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome" to area hospital departments, special care nurseries, perinatal care programs, and geneticists.  This book provides an introduction to Down syndrome for new parents.  Sensitive, yet informative, this packet includes information on medical issues, breastfeeding and an invitation to connect with other new families who can provide support.  If this packet is not available in your Hospital or department, please contact Paulette to get materials in place.  We have additional packets available upon request.

Pediatrician Packet

This packet provides information that a pediatric physician can place in their patient's medical file.  The packet includes the Healthcare Guidelines for Individuals with Down Syndrome: Down Syndrome Preventative Medical Checklist, specialized growth charts which includes expected rate of growth for children with Down syndrome including height, weight and head circumference for both boys and girls and general information on Down syndrome.

How to Share the News that a Baby has Down Syndrome

Read this informative document to better understand the best methods to discuss the news. Download the PDF

Source:  Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati


The DSGSEMI has compiled a comprehensive list of links to relevant websites of agencies, groups, clinics, and other places on the web.  Visit our links section

Speaker's Bureau

The DSGSEMI will provide volunteer speakers who can provide current and accurate information on Down syndrome to area healthcare providers.  These presentations will outline the best practices in working with families, highlight the variety of ways that the DSGSEMI can help support new families, and each presentation site will be supplied with a free Resource Binder containing current information on Down syndrome.

Physician's Guide

The National Down Syndrome Congress has created a guide for physicians here.  The guide features physicians George Capone, Laura Cifra-Bean, Sig Pueschel and Brian Skotko discussing medical facts about Down syndrome and sharing their thoughts on how best to deliver the diagnosis.  The video tutorial is designed to give doctors who deliver the news accurate information that they can access quickly.  It addresses both pre-natal and post-natal settings, and is a resource we are sure you'll want to recommend to physicians in your area.