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New & Expectant Parents


The birth of a new baby is, and should be, a time for celebration and the feeling of joy. Your baby may not be as you have dreamed, but please let us assure you that your baby is more like other babies than unlike.

Because of specialized services and a dramatic shift in our culture, individuals with Down syndrome (DS) are more fully included in schools, the community and workforce today than ever before. Individuals with DS can and do achieve great things. Like Emma Corrigan who was reading before she entered kindergarten, or Ryan Teed who recently gave the commencement address at his high school. A college degree is now attainable by many, career pursuits are satisfied (take Patricia Moody who was the first individual with a disability to be hired as a teacher's aide in her local school district), athletic dreams are captured (Karen Gaffney swam a relay of the English Channel), and meaningful, life-long personal relationships are fulfilled.

We realize that with the birth of your child with Down syndrome, you may have entered into a whole new world -- one that can be confusing and filled with deep feelings at first. It is our hope that through information and support, you will be able to gain an understanding of your feelings, of your baby's special needs, and of the love your baby has to offer.

Our organization has a Parent Visitation Committee, which consists of trained parent volunteers, each of whom has a child with Down syndrome. We are here to talk at any time, whether it is in the hospital, at your own home, or on the phone. Each volunteer is more than willing to answer questions and offer support. These parents understand your feelings and can answer some of your questions better than anyone else because they have been where you are. If you are interested in talking to another parent, please call the DSG at 248-556-5341. Leave a message and someone will get back to you shortly.

Are you still in need of more information? The DSG Lending Library has a section devoted to New and Expecting Parents. Any of these books can be borrowed and mailed to your home.

We recommend the following titles:

Edited by Kathryn Lynard Soper
ISBN-10: 1890627852
ISBN-13: 978-1890627850
> On Amazon.com

Babies with Down Syndrome
Edited by Susan J. Skallerup
ISBN-10: 1890627550
ISBN-13: 978-1890627553
> On Amazon.com

Road Map to Holland
by Jennifer Graf Groneberg
ISBN-10: 0451222954
ISBN-13: 978-0451222954
> On Amazon.com

Please contact us at +1 (248) 327-6154 or email info@dsgsemi.org

Growth Charts and Healthcare Links, provided by the National Down Syndrome Society
Children with Down syndrome are generally smaller than their typically-developing peers, so Down Syndrome Growth Charts have been created by physicians. The percentile curves on the charts were derived from a longitudinal study examining the growth patterns of individuals with Down syndrome.

Click below on the downloadable PDFs for Growth Charts, all made available by the NDSS

> Boys 0-3 Length
> Boys 0-3 Weight
> Boys 2-18 Weight
> Boys 2-18 Height
> Head Circumference Boys 0-3
> Girls 0-3 Length
> Girls 0-3 Weight
> Girls 2-18 Height
> Girls 2-18 Weight
> Head Circumference Girls 0-3
> Height and Weight (metric)
> Head Circumference (metric)

> Healthcare Guidelines
> Healthcare Guidelines Downloadable PDFs
> All Pages (NDSS Website)

Helpful Links

Courtesy of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati.

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The purpose of this Website is to provide families with balanced and accurate information about receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome either during their pregnancy or at birth.

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NDSC and the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County.

Understanding the Down Syndrome Diagnosis
This free booklet is the only prenatal resource regarding the delivery of the Down syndrome diagnosis to have been reviewed by representatives of the national medical and Down syndrome organizations and is available in both print and digital formats.

Mile High Down Syndrome - Virtual Visits™
Virtual Visits™ is a unique way to provide information and support to family members and professionals from the comfort and privacy of their own computers. Virtual Visits™ allows website visitors to stream videos of parents, siblings, grandparents and self-advocates answering questions and sharing their own experiences.

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