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School Age Children

Specifically developed to address the unique concerns of families with children aged 6 through 17 with social opportunities, education and advocacy. The following links and downloads have been prepared to assist with common concerns and questions with special regard to development in school-aged children.

> Transition Resource Navigator (Online Article]
> Transition Planning: A Roadmap to your Future (Online Article]
> Transition IEP (Online Article]
> Transition to Adult Life (Online Article]
> On Demand Webinars - Transition to Adulthood (Online Article]

> Honey, I Blew Up The Curriculum | Pathfinders Consulting (PowerPoint PPT) [8.6 MB]
> Solutions for Educating Students with Down Syndrome | Building Bridges Therapy Center (PowerPoint PPT) [240 KB]
> All About Me Booklet | Down Syndrome Guild of Southeast Michigan (PDF) [440 KB]
> Toilet Training for your Special Needs Child | Hope Center (PowerPoint PPT) [519 KB]
> Transition Planning: A Roadmap To Your Future | Oakland Schools (PDF) [1.8 MB]
> Parent and Educator Guide for Assistive Technology | Michigan Alliance for Families (PDF) [390 KB]
> Early Childhood Guide to Summer Services (PDF) [1.4 MB]


> State of the Art Conference on Post-Secondary Education and Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities | Laurie Leonard (PDF) [28 MB]

2015 Down Syndrome Guilde and 4th Wall Theatre in the Rochester Hills Parade

Hi, Everyone!
I would like to introduce A Dose of Love, a medical student run organization here in Michigan. How much fun is it to receive a letter in the mail?! We put a modern spin on the classic pen pal and want to put a smile on everyone's face. We are reaching out to the special needs children and adults of Michigan to pair them up with a medical student buddy who will send a handwritten card and small gift in the mail every month. Our mission is to inspire the highest quality support, while creating treasured, extraordinary moments. There is no cost to sign up for the program. We are so thrilled to be partnered with the Down Syndrome Guild of Southeast Michigan! Please check out our website for more info and instructions on how to sign up. We look forward to addressing a card to you soon :)


All the best,
Alex Heromin
A Dose of Love
Founder and Chair