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The purpose of this document is to set forth the policy and procedure to be used in the identification of candidates for election to the Down Syndrome Guild of Southeast Michigan's (DSG) Board of Directors. Any DSG bylaws or separate policy voted on by the duly-elected DSG Board of Directors shall supersede this document.

1. Deadline for submission of nomination/candidate profile forms to DSG : The deadline for submission of a Potential Board of Directors Information Form no later than the September Board of Directors Meeting each year. Voting by the Membership will take place at the next DSG Annual Meeting in October. If a Member is unable to have an authorized representative available for the vote,  they will need to arrange for a proxy.

2. Nomination and Eligibility of Candidates: Members in good standing shall have the opportunity to nominate two candidates for any election cycle. Members are encouraged to consider and submit nominations that fit the mission and vision of the DSG. Candidates should bring appropriate experience, energy, and commitment to enhance DSG affairs. Placement of any candidate on the ballot is subject to Nomination Committee approval.

3. Insufficient Candidates:  In the event that there are not enough candidates nominated by Members to fill the open seats, the Nominating Committee may solicit and place additional candidates on the ballot.

4. One Organization, One Vote: There will be only one ballot per DSG Member. Due to unforeseen circumstances (including resignations or removals), there may be an undetermined number of candidates seeking election each year. Members may vote for any number of candidates up to the number of positions available on the DSG Board of Directors.

5. Tabulation and Notification of Election Results: Vote collection and tabulation will be monitored by an election judge selected at random from the Members in attendance at the DSG Annual Meeting. Results will be announced immediately.

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